About us

LONKKO company,

Hi, I'm Louis-Philippe Loncke. I hold several degrees in engineering and management. I have interests in delivering high quality to my customers. My clients do understand I want their long term success. I'm not for short term or unsustainable goals. Since I'm young I have a passion for modern art, tech, innovation and business.  I like things that are no-nonsense, easy and useful. I do not seem like this but I am a bit of a geek. My latest passions are adventure, exploration and expeditions and of course people Recently I started learning on how to become a better speaker or how to do crowdfunding. I think good communication, transparency and honesty are values that will make future business more successful .

Why this name ?
I designed the company logo with the following specific attributes: a unique name close to my family, serious with a touch of passion. You pronounce my family name "Lonk" and the "Ko" is for company, collaboration, consulting.

Why this red K ?
The "c" in my family name changes to a K, the most rare letter (in English and French). What is rare or different is the competitive value you need in your company. Red is the color brings of passion, action and warm relationships. Blue into the company's name is for the serious part. The double K means team work. Different colors, different experiences to perform in the same direction.

Like the K, my values and unique profile is like spice to make a difference, to enhance your business with creative ideas, to develop responsible and more effective people. To bring confidence and dare to risk more. Risk taking is what will bring a competitive advantage in your company. I'm here to deliver quality for your business to sustain. Enhance your business with a K.

Hire me.