Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pioneering 360 degrees photography in Belgium

I've backed 3 types of 360 degrees cameras on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They all have different advantages depending on what I want to achieve for my clients. I believe I might the one of the very few in the world to have those 3 cameras. For sure I'm the only one in Belgium and the first to have used them as at the VR hackathon of last January I could test/use the 360cam (Giroptic is from Northern France so close to me) for a weekend while shipping starts on 24/04/2016. I will do an article on my Linkedin page here once I get the 360cam.

For sure, using the PANONO for a few weeks now, I'm loving the quality of the photos that offer a real quality as doing 100 Megapixels photos (16K*8K pixels in equirect). The best showcase is when I shot Remember-Souvenir of streetart artist Denis Meyers.
A few examples 360 photos during events made with the PANONO:

Monday, April 25, 2016

Silver partner at Startup Weekend Brussels

I will shoot 360 degrees photography during the event of the next Start-up Weekend Brussels dedicated to Circular & Sharing Economy. I will also try to coach or help the teams with my network.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

360 spherical camera in Brussels Belgium

I received this week my PANONO 360 degree camera and I'm now one of the most experienced 360 spherical photographer as I also own a BUBLcam and soon a 360cam from Giroptic, which I have already used end of January but had to give back the camera.
My aim is to understand what works or not and when it is appropriated to create photospheres and think of interesting shots. Filming is even harder but I still have no idea of a nice 360 or VR film to be made. If you film in 360 you must provide an interesting experience and story/content.
My best PANONO this week with no stitching errors is taken just outside on my balcony.

Contact me for events if you want me to shoot in 360 degree.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

When something out your control happens

As previously stated, I have been studying and preparing a crowdfunding campaign. It was for funding partly an expedition near Antarctica. I got bad news mid-May that the expedition is not happening end 2015. It is happening in 2016 without me. All my efforts are stopped. 

I now focus on going back to IT consultancy. It will actually do me good to have colleagues again as I spent the last 12 months working alone as I didn't often go to my Coworking space.

I learnt a lot of new skills during these 12 months including
* guiding (CSR kayak guiding on community days) and inspiring (with corporate talks)
* working on new entrepreneurial projects
* do a lot of networking
* reading and visioning how the future is evolving. Ideas do come if you are aware what is happening now and what would happen in the next 1 -3 years.
* learnt crowdfunding, Odoo ERP and more about the digital technologies and websites.

Of course, I still plan to do some expeditions in the future but for 2015-2016 it will be very small expeditions of 1 week. I received several items from crowdfunding campaign like a 360 degrees photo / video camera. Two more different models are coming in September.

I might launch an artistic project on Kickstarter end of August if I can make a working prototype. It will be a poster based on QR-codes. Seems simple but there is a twist.

Taking risks is important, if not vital. If I continue trying and learning I will never be outdated. Now it's time to use my knowledge to benefit others with it.