Thursday, July 30, 2015

When something out your control happens

As previously stated, I have been studying and preparing a crowdfunding campaign. It was for funding partly an expedition near Antarctica. I got bad news mid-May that the expedition is not happening end 2015. It is happening in 2016 without me. All my efforts are stopped. 

I now focus on going back to IT consultancy. It will actually do me good to have colleagues again as I spent the last 12 months working alone as I didn't often go to my Coworking space.

I learnt a lot of new skills during these 12 months including
* guiding (CSR kayak guiding on community days) and inspiring (with corporate talks)
* working on new entrepreneurial projects
* do a lot of networking
* reading and visioning how the future is evolving. Ideas do come if you are aware what is happening now and what would happen in the next 1 -3 years.
* learnt crowdfunding, Odoo ERP and more about the digital technologies and websites.

Of course, I still plan to do some expeditions in the future but for 2015-2016 it will be very small expeditions of 1 week. I received several items from crowdfunding campaign like a 360 degrees photo / video camera. Two more different models are coming in September.

I might launch an artistic project on Kickstarter end of August if I can make a working prototype. It will be a poster based on QR-codes. Seems simple but there is a twist.

Taking risks is important, if not vital. If I continue trying and learning I will never be outdated. Now it's time to use my knowledge to benefit others with it.