Saturday, October 18, 2014

Focus, helping and investing

I left my job because I wanted to create my own thing and I left at a moment where I needed time. In the past 2 and a half that I left my previous job I have been doing things like:
* Putting the treasury of my local JCI chapter on track. I took the function (on top of the website management) during the summer. It was nearly a disaster as there was no real commitment of past treasurers in the past 18 months.
* Continue investments in geek/new technological products that I crowdfunded. At the same time I was analyzing hundreds of projects and helped a friend's soon to be launched crowdfunding campaign. He's launching something very big and if successful in the future I might be a seasonal contributor of his endeavour. By February 2015 I should receive all my crowdfunded products and test them on the market during weekends.
* I helped during 2-3 weeks a man to arrive in Brussels and hosted him to finalize his 4 years work around immigration and the horrors happening in the Mediterranean Sea. I even went with him to the European parliament during his press conference.
* Of course I keep as usual very aware of  the tech news, adventure news and general news. I prepare and think forward of ideas for 2015-2022. I have a clear vision of tasks ahead and I know I'll never get bored.
But now it's time to think of ME and focus on my own businesses and do some sport to stay healthy during the coming winter. After being very actively learning, it's time for more very active doing!

I'm also in the process of doing a few conferences end of November but nothing 100% confirmed yet.