Monday, November 18, 2013

Strategy from Jeroen de Flander

I just found out about this strategy specialist. Very interesting reading. Here some of his slides. He is right (I do believe the same) that to convey and pass on a message to a team, it is much more efficient to use storytelling. And this is where I can help as speaker about my expeditions. My stories are real and do usually inspire people, even if most of the people cannot have all the empathy with me.

If an audience can remember a feeling I do express (a pain, a fear), they would connect even more to me, to my experience, hence remembering the story and of course the key message.
My job consists in trying to make them entering my world and feel what I was feeling. In this way, if they agree with the message, they will adopt it and really start acting towards the goals of the management.
So what is important for a speaker to meet the strategy, hence be a leader ?
  • find the proper message in line with the strategy, easy to put in place (the what)
  • wrap the message around a story everyone with understand and remember (the how)
  • connect with the audience to create the social movement, the inspiration that leads to motivation and action. (the why)
One of my Engineering school teacher told me an engineer should be able to answer 3 questions: Why, How (much/many), How ? We are not far from it.